En kort berättelse om hur Imam Khomeini (ra) behandlade sin fru, åh vilken underbar människa han var. Må Gud vara nåderik mot hans rena själ och låta honom vila i frid ❤ 

Imam Khomeini (r.a.) and his love towards his wife


Imam’s wife would say, “I was never woken up by Imam praying ”Salatul Layl” because he would never switch on the room light. When he would go to do wudhoo, he would place a sponge in the sink under the tap so that the sound of the falling water would not wake me.” 

Agha always offered me the better place in the room. He would not start eating until I came to the dinner table. He would also tell the children: 

‘Wait until Maa comes.’


He was not even willing that I should work in the house. He would always tell me: ‘Don’t sweep.’ If I wanted to wash the children’s clothes at the pond, he would come and say: “Get up, you shouldn’t be washing.”

On the whole, I have to say that Imam did not consider sweeping, washing dishes and even washing my children’s clothes as part of my responsibilities. If out of necessity I sometimes did these, he would get upset considering them as a type of unjust dealing towards me. Even when I entered the room, he would never say: ‘Close the door behind you,’ but waited till I sat down and then would himself get up and shut the door. 

His daughter Siddika says: My father had an extraordinary respect for my mother. In the period of 60 years of living together, he did not even reach for food (on the dinner table) before his wife, nor did he have even the smallest expectation from her. I can even say that in the period of 60 years of living together, at no time did he even ask for a glass of water, but would always get it himself. 

 He behaved this way not only with his wife but also with all of us who were his daughters. If he ever wanted water we would all enthusiastically run to get it, but he never wanted us to bring and give him a glass of water in his hand. 

During the difficult last days of his life, each time he would open his
eyes, if he was capable of speaking, he would ask: ‘How is Khanom?’ We would reply: ‘She is good. Shall we tell her to come to you?’ He would answer: ‘No, her back is hurting. Let her rest.


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